Eco Econo; The Safety Razor

I am sort of a girly girl.  I like to shave.  Everywhere.  I like to feel smooth.  Is this something that started young and my head felt I had to do for a long time?  yes.  But never the less, it’s part of who I am.  If you don’t shave and are a woman, good or you (man too) but I do.  I just do.  I don’t think the environment and my wallet should have to suffer for my vanity.  So after both my men tried and now use a safety razor I decided I would give it a try.


So the safety razor was still packaged in some massive plastic.  I guess it’s ok since in theory it would be the only one I ever had to buy as opposed to buying monthly expensive blades or disposable razors.  In the past I could go through 3 razors a week or maybe I could go through a blade every two weeks and I don’t have cheap taste in razors.  The blades would cost about $20 for four.  So that’s $10 a month just to be hairless.  The packaging on those blades is a pretty big amount but at least I am not throwing an entire razor in the trash.  Those cost about $6 a month.  The safety razor was a little under $14 initially but you have to buy blades which was like $3 for 10.  I did this challenge for eight weeks.

The first day I was set to do this challenge I had a massive sunburn and massive hair.  I did shave once but let the burn heal before shaving again.  I realized I was going to have to use soap or shaving cream which was a step I previously avoided.  I knicked myself a ridiculous amount and had a hard time getting all my arm pit hair.  After a couple weeks I managed to find a way to get my pits relatively cleanly shaven, but never stopped cutting myself enough on my legs to try anywhere else.  All in all, although this challenge saved me tons of money, I found myself avoiding shaving completely.  I also wasn’t getting what I wanted from a razor.


I am not saying this wouldn’t work for someone has more patience, better lighting and doesn’t require everything to be shaved.  It works for both they men in my house.  They reported less razor bumps, a smoother shave.  All I can report was horribly bad knicks and cuts that scared me from shaving.  The price is unbelievably worth the try if you think it sounds good to you.