Career Girl No More

So last night I was due to work a dreaded overnight.  Usually the shifts run more smoothly, even wheen you are in a pickle because typically, you have less customers to deal with.  In a perfect world, you are expected to get the place sparkling clean, get all left over stuff that hasn’t gotten done during the day done, stock everyting that was left unstocked, and I reinterate, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.  With three to five of us there, and plenty of tasks left for us throughout the day by the shorthanded day crew and often unorganized young second shift, and our own tasks which change slightly, such as truck, cleaning certain machines, we have very little room and usually the breakfast cabinets are not stocked to the breakfast grill managers liking, or not all the dishes are done and the prep person is angry.  So now I am getting yelled at in Spanish by the Grill manager and the prep person isn’t even talking to you.  Then lets say we don’t get the trash out, then the morning maintenence is pissed too.  Really I am not saying I can’t usually get this stuff done, it’s just a balance but I did stay over last week for two hours because I had a young, shorthanded crew and I feel obligated to get stuff done if it isn’t finished, especially since the maintenence person was ill that day…  It’s just par for the course of being a manager in fast food.  However, last night they expected me to come in with no grill person, someone who is relatively new, and have one person who was seasoned enough to leave alone.  I cannot do my manager stuff that I am required to do while in the grill such as closing the day (required, especially in a 24 hour store) and enter my waste, all of which is time sensitive.  I’m sure if I wanted this career enough I would have fought more, but truth of the matter is, this wasn’t the first time I was screwed on a shift, it wasn’t going to be the last time, and if it made me change my personality as drastically as it did in the 15 minutes it did, while I am home with m sweets, trying to enjoy Dr Who, then this isn’t the career for me.

To go back a little farther, I came to this place because I had worked for them beforefor nearly six years.  I knew the job and wanted easy money.  I worked three days a week.  It wasn’t so bad but I quit due to a severe depression spell that hit when Metamour had Chunk.  I also had strep throat that went untreated for nearly two months and since I had went up to full time it had taken it’s toll.  Fast forward a little bit, chunk is six weeks old and metamour is looking for a job.  I reccomend them she goes back.  My ex boss asks her to convince me to come back.  Then my husband also gets on there.  I get into the camraderie of the place and decide I want to help them (by this time they are struggling)  I felt I had a lot to offer.  I was manager ready from working at the company years ago.  They move me up pretty quickly, like within a month.  I have no formal training, just maybe a week of running shifts and bam, I am a manager.

I felt very accomplished at first but the honeymoon ended as soon as I started to see the real state of things.  every single shift was short handed.  Sometimes I would be scheduled nine hours but work 10 to 11 sometimes without a break.  I started seeing how things were operating I saw no hope.

Now all this being said I do not blame the company.  I blame it on being a bad fit.  It’s a very physically demanding job and for some people maybe it is rewarding but for me the company is against everything I believe.  It’s consuming most of my time and all of my energy.  I didn’t care about Halloween (My absolute favorite holiday) because I had other people who I felt could take up the slack.  The thing is as much as it pains me sometimes, it is my personality to keep things going, like traditions and such.

So I quit.  And I am looking forward to my interview coming up for a different career that I can see being a better fit.