Women Wednesday: First Post, Introduction.

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Hello, very happy to be here posting my first blog post on Women Wednesday.  Excuse the mess I am still working on the layout and format of my blog and I am very excited to be here.

Every Wednesday I plan on choosing a woman who is somehow inspirational to me, and I feel a good role model to women everywhere.  She maybe someone I know personally, a historical figure, someone in politics, pop culture, and so on.

What makes a woman inspirational or a good role model?  It can be all sorts of things.  She won’t be perfect because she is real.  She is someone we can see ourselves being because she is beautifully flawed.  Maybe she is someone striving to make a woman feel beautiful no matter how she looks.  Maybe she is someone who through adversity becomes renowned and shows strength of character and achieves goals beyond everyone’s expectations.  She could be a pioneer of women’s rights before such a thing existed or someone who did the right thing when everyone else turned their head.

These women all have on thing in common and that is strength that we all have within ourselves.  We are all inspirations waiting to show our beautiful colors.  The scale of things doesn’t matter.  You change one life positively, you cause a domino affect in those lives which surround your own to make your own life beautiful.  These women made others better on a larger scale somehow but we all can make a difference if we really want.


2 thoughts on “Women Wednesday: First Post, Introduction.

  1. Hi! I came here to visit after you left a lovely comment on my blog for my son. It looks like you are new to blogging and I am looking forward to following you. I am excited about your woman series, as a mother I am always on the lookout for positive male and female role models for my two young children. I am interested to see who you come up with.

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