Halloween/Samhain Festivities

Halloween is my favorite time of year. We are a multi-spiritual home so we celebrate the commercial holiday Halloween and the religious festival Samhain. Luckily it’s easy enough to do with the holidays since Halloween is mainly derived from the Pagan holiday. Sometimes it’s easier just to explain with pictures. Our collection is small but we plan on adding every year. We have this awesome plan that the adults will start small with their costume, a piece or two and add on yearly. There are some skulls missing from the pictures but this is the majority of the collection.


Our Cauldron of Skulls


Sucker Ghosts


look at the ghoulish face ala the kiddos


More homemade decorations.  I love that ghost our youngest girls brought home from school.  She is quite the artist.


Our door and front window.  And an accidental selfie.



The pumpkins, definitely the highlight of our decorations.  This is the night they were done, they are sort of droopy now.  Our Eight year old’s is the kitty on the left.

The best thing about the holidays is the time spent together. We spent the entire day carving pumpkins and cleaning them together. Our oldest carved her own pumpkin by herself and came up with the design. Most of the crafts were done together. We roasted the seeds, ate pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting, and drank mulled cider while watching kid appropriate Halloween shows. All of us together, having fun. We couldn’t do the pumpkin patch this year do to weather and an injury in the family but we had fun anyway.

We are hoping to go trick or treating with some good friends so hopefully more pictures on the first but there is a possibility of bad storms so we are going to plan a back up party, just in case.


One thought on “Halloween/Samhain Festivities

  1. Oo skulls! I collect and adore skulls. I love your pumpkins too.so awesome! We have a heathen household so we also do Halloween and Samhain.

    I think this is the first year in several we do not have rain in the forecast for Halloween, I hope your weather stays clear.

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