National Native American History Month

I was hoping the first post of November would be about the last day in October…My favorite day ever but alas the weather didn’t agree with us and we are going to be going out for trick or treating tonight. We did have some activities to celebrate the actual day but I will talk about them later.

Weather and Halloween aside the topic in which I am going to speak of today is more important and totally overshadowed and unrecognized. This month is National Native American History month.

I have plenty of things to write about to reflect and celebrate these people. I plan on making my Women Wednesday to celebrate Native Women this month. I wish to enlighten people who are unaware of the atrocities these people, especially my people have suffered. I wish to talk about heritage, my own and of others. I want to celebrate the lives who’s bravery and peace have often prevailed. Those whose reached out to the white man in vain. And those who struck out in force using any means necessary.

Today the Native People of the Americas are a dying race. Most descendants know nothing to little about their heritage, me being one of them. They were forced to forget who they are. Since most of the natives who ran and opposed of this cultural genocide were not able to live to teach the next generation many of the beliefs died with them.

Since Christopher Columbus set foot on this land (by the way he didn’t discover America and he certainly didn’t bring civilization to it since it was already populated) millions of Natives were murdered. They were seen as “savage” “inferior” “heathen” all those bad things you can think of. They believed all of nature to be revered and treated wisely. They did have beliefs and a spiritual path. They also tried to save the very people who would later nearly extinguish them. How savage of them.

And the beloved Abraham Lincoln sent thousands people to their death during the Trail of Tears, most of which were my people, the Cherokee. Five different Nations and Some African Americans (both freed and slaves) and some people seen as inferior European Americans were forced to walk over 2,000 miles because they wanted their land. So much for the great emancipator.

There are more records than I could possibly keep track of “chemical warfare” per se’. When the white man decided to wipe out tribes by purposely (and accidentally too) infecting blankets, or other supplies that they traded or were “helping” with. The Native Americans had no immunity to these diseases because they had never been on this continent before where as it had been around for centuries in Europe.

I say “white man” because that is the only term I can come up with. They were early white Americans. That is also how they were called by Native Americans now. How are these people now? How are they living? We know they are there, we over sexualize modern Native women. We make fun of the casinos and their love for the environment. They are pretty much every hipsters fantasy caring about the environment and with their spirituality. They are all around us. Some are in you and I. Some are living on reservations….which is a joke that that is what these people were reduced to in the first place. And few, very few are in the media.

Are you Native American? Do you have in Native American friends? Have you ever been to a Pow Wow? Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please do, I seriously would love to hear it.


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