Life and the Battle with PCOS

I have been pretty busy at the homestead but not on anything physically constructive.  I have been having doctor’s visits like crazy.  So I am sorry I am not blogging as frequently as I would like.  I do have a great Women Wednesday planned and look forward to sharing it tomorrow.

Today though it’s a personal post once again, but not as personal.  Like I said been in and out of the doctor my last visit being tomorrow 4 times the past month.  I am not sick, more about that later, but  being proactive.

I went to the ER at the end of September, writhing in pain.  I had a cyst rupture, a common problem for a woman diagnosed with PCOS.  It was a few years ago I had a cyst surgically ruptured that was feared to be cancerous.  At the time my OB did the surgery for they cyst and removed polyps on my uterus he told me “I expect to see you back in here in a few months pregnant”.  It never happened.  I tried to tell him of other issues I had but he didn’t  seem to want to hear it.

I was very grateful to the lady immediate care who took me seriously after many ER visits and telling her of my pain and nonstop bleeding and nobody caring or taking me seriously for six months.  Having no insurance it took another six months until the surgery and the bleeding had gotten out of control in the mean time.  I would come to work and soak through everything or I would just call in.  I had demoted my position and went to part time because of it.

A year had went by since my surgery and I wasn’t in nearly as bad of shape however, I was getting tired too easily.  Again, I went to the same immediate care and she took care of me again, ran some test told me I was vitamin D deficient and that I had pre diabetes probably due to PCOS.  She wasn’t the first to bring up “possible” PCOS.  I was in jobcorps at 19, they said that, and then after my surgery, my OB had said that…always possible…man it must be hard to check for.  So she puts me on 500mg of Metformin, tells me to exercise and eat right.  She told me my fasting sugar was at 101.  I did as she said, it took forever but I did lose some weight.  I thought my metformin was making me sick but it was more than likely my hormone levels so after a year of being on it I quit.  My weight didn’t skyrocket, but I gained maybe 10 lbs back and the cysts started again.

So we end up at the doctor, this time with some insurance.  My new doctor is at a community clinic that will take me at a low rate even after my insurance is out.  She sends me to a specialist who is amazing.  This female OBGYN runs a thorough glucose test on me, cholesterol screening, thyroid screening, prolactin levels, fsh and lh levels.  She takes all of my concerns very seriously.  So I wait as you have to with these things, I went back this morning for the results.

The results were mostly good.  My cholesterol was amazing, my sugar has regulated, but is a bit higher than she would like at the 2 hour mark.  She told me diet and exercise alone would fix this but I opted for the extra help.  Almost everything else was normal…almost.  My FSH and LH were off.  Not really high or low but not on par with each other.  I don’t remember exactly what the problem was, but one is suppose to be higher than the other.  Even though they are relatively normal numbers, they are reversed.  That with the slightly elevated blood sugar shows conclusive proof of what they have been saying I might have for years, I have PCOS.  All diagnosed with a hormone panel test that would have been easily ran along with the other tests they ran on me at the previous doctor.  Not difficult at all.  So finally along with metformin I am put on a hormone stabilizer.  I should have no issues losing weight.  My poor face that the past decade of my life has been crying for mercy should get better.  I am really ready to move on with my life.

The best news is she suspects after six months of treatment and working hard at weight loss I can try to have a baby.  Seeing as I do have a child and had one in spite of my disease I can more than likely conceive another.

In the month of gratitude, I have yet another reason to be gracious.


2 thoughts on “Life and the Battle with PCOS

  1. I’m sorry to read of all the difficulties you’ve had with PCOS, but it’s great that you have so much reason to hope. Thank you for sharing your story! I have PCOS as well and it’s no picnic in the park, that’s for sure. I conceived my daughter naturally and I’m so grateful for her. In February of this year I had a d&c due to months-long, excessive bleeding. I had ovarian drilling at the same time. Unfortunately the drilling does not seem to have done much for me but many with PCOS find it very effective. I am also diabetic and take Metformin. Definitely sucky, but I’m grateful to have Audrey. Best of luck to you in your future attemps to conceive. ❤

    • Thank you. I have been trying for about six straight years to conceive but no doctors would listen, which is too bad because my personal case isn’t as bad as most women have it. I conceived naturally but I had been having unprotected sex for two years before I had her, but had suffered a miscarriage. I actually got lucky getting the polyps because of the massive bleeding they caused kept me from needing a D&C. I wonder if this is something I have to watch forever or if eventually I can go medicine free. I abhor medications. I am sorry you have it too but it always makes me hopeful when I hear women have it other than me and that they have healthy children.

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