Food Budget for 7.5 people

I get food stamps.  Yes, I do. It’s not something to be proud of but there is also no shame in accepting help when you need it if you are seriously trying to better yourself.  That being said we get about 500 dollars a month and I have to budget that for 7 people.  That is my major job in this family.  I used to coupon and such but I haven’t had time, but we do manage and we never starve and probably only spend 100 extra on food here and there per month.

If you were to break this down you would realize how amazing I am.  There is seven of us, four weeks, and 500.  You can guess that we buy a quick breakfast the morning we go.  It runs around 20 so we are left with 480.  Divide that seven ways and you have 69 dollars per month.  Per week we feed our family individually on around 17 dollars a piece and we eat pretty well and healthy.  We sometimes have to go without fresh produce, but usually only a few days and we buy frozen and canned vegetables.

I think the biggest help is we found a really good meat market when we lived in Beech Grove.  We have tried finding one with the same quality and price but closer as them had but haven’t had any luck.  We spend around 200 there and it usually last all but the last week of the month.  the meat is freshly butchered and has no hormones.

Next year we are going to try our hand at local markets and canning, but that will take time.  We do make many things from scratch, like bread, sauces and more.  It’s going to take time, we plan on starting seasonally getting things in the spring but this winter we have plans just to learn new ways to do things.  Since our income is going up and that means we will lose a big chunk of our food it’s a good thing.

For now we are ad shopping and getting back into couponing.  I am not a fan of Wal-Mart but I love the ad shopping.  You don’t have to waste gas to do it.  It’s easy you write down the items you want to buy on a piece of paper with where it is from and how much it is for what quantity.  Couponing is self explanatory.  I am not a super couponer, too bad though.  I am good but not that good.

Well I am heading to Beech Grove but i thought I would share.  I am not sure if this information is helpful or not.


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