temporary hiatus

First off excuse any horrible grammar and such I am posting from my phone.  First off my laptop is broke down and all my work is on it. Secondly I live in Indiana.  My hometown was hit yesterday by the tornado and I have a cousin who lives in Kokomo.  Luckilyno fatalities in Indiana but Illinois wasnt so lucky.  It doesnt feel right going on. That being said its mainly due to my laptop. But keep the midwest in your thoughts please.



4 thoughts on “temporary hiatus

  1. We just moved from the Southside and now ive about an hour away from Kentucky. I went to my hometown to test drive a car and the Starbucks was destroyed but it could have been worse.

    My laptop is the main issue but I dived into this blogging thing before I was ready.

  2. Hoping that all is going well. Looking forward to hearing from you when things settle down and you get your laptop fixed.

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