What Have I Been Doing?

I have been living.  I have been simply living.  It’s been disappointing not being able to blog, but I have had plenty of time to think this space over and decide where I am going.  I am definitely, excluding today, planning to keep up the work on Women Wednesday and such, but I still had problems figuring out where I was going with all of this.  

We celebrated holidays in the traditional way.  On Thanksgiving I cooked, except my paramour cooked the turkey.  My mother, brother, and nephew came and ate.  Everything was from scratch and delicious.  The metamour cooked some of it, but most of it was all me and I am AMAZING.  

The weeks leading to Christmas were fun.  We bought a tree together, we decorated, put up lights and I cooked and made cookies and candies and such.  Our eldest daughter was born on Yule nine years ago.  She didn’t have a traditional birthday.  She went to see the Nutcracker and had to dress nicely so she got her birthday outfit a few days early.  She got a tiara later on her actual birthday and some new earrings.  It’s amazing how much they grow.  We ate peanut butter balls and had fun crafting for Christmas all at her request.  The the big day came.  The kids tore through the presents.  What took hours to wrap took minutes to unwrap.  Of course there was more cooking, the metamour kicked in more for deserts this time, but still mainly me.  My husband cooked the ham.  Again my mother, brother, and nephew came over.  The only downside was probably that none of the other family’s relatives tried to contact any of us or anything with the exception of my paramour’s mom.  I wish people would remove their heads from their asses sometimes.

Then there was the New Year.  The youngest, our boy was not invited to the party.  Three is a little too young to stay up until midnight.  The girls both stayed up, along with the husband, metamour, and myself.  My lovely love had to work the following day and also couldn’t join us.  The girls drank punch while hubby had beer and some pink moscato for the adult women.  Of course metamour couldn’t have too much, so that left me with almost a full bottle of wine.  Score!!  We played monopoly most the night before settling the night talking about our resolutions.

Other points of interest were finding out the metamour’s baby is a girl.  She is due in early April.  I went to my lover’s company holiday party which had an open bar and had a blast!  We got to stay at the Hilton in downtown Indy.  We flooded during Christmas and would venture to say that the flooding may have caused more damage than the tornadoes in central Indiana but we are always prepared for it living off many rivers.  It didn’t affect us directly except I had to drive through some scary flood waters while they working on shutting down a road and of course the detours we had to take to avoid it.  Then there was snow.  A whole lot of snow and sub zero temperatures.  The children were late going back to school because with windchill it was around -20f.  Other than the cold, southern Indiana got probably half the snow of central and farther north.  They returned to school days after we did.  Last but not least, I have been working on jewelry hoping to get enough to start my etsy soon.

My paramour was kind enough to let me use his laptop and I will try to update time to time, but I have to get a new laptop, so it maybe still few and far between.


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