No Time to Breathe

I am here, have been trying to catch up on some of the blogs I read.  I haven’t had time to write, though Monday I wanted to write about Martin Luther King Jr.  Wednesday I had wanted to write about some woman I never got to even planning who.  And many things always cross my mind to write about, but I haven’t had time.  What am I doing…..well I can’t say because it’s not entirely ethical but nothing illegal though it could cause a friend of mine a great deal of trouble.  Is it negative?  Not really for me, my metamour, or my husband.  We are getting paid a grand and learning a great deal while doing it.  It’s fun when I am in the mood.  That is all I can say about it.  The only negative is it’s a crunch  in my time.

We still have candy canes hanging from the ceiling.  How awful are we.  The house is sort of a wreck but I have seen worse.

The metamour is pregnant and has been in the hospital twice since Christmas.  Once with severe dehydration, and just the other day she had an ear infection and can only go to the doctor with pregnancy related things.  My husband has been once.  He fell last week and hurt his weak knee (he has injured it twice before).  And on Christmas day I ended up in the hospital with a bladder infection.  I tried to wait it out until after the holidays but noticed it was getting very painful to do anything and went head and went.  My paramour had his first sleep study not long ago, the children all have had appointments.  We all got the flu.  It’s been non stop.  Having extra hand is helpful until they all are injured or sick.  The flu the Metamour had that caused the dehydration I got a few days later but everyone made sure that I drank enough after seeing what happened to her.  I told them that she was more likely to get dehydrated being pregnant but I would be careful.  The worse part of all is the children have been home more than at school.  The weather here in Indiana is insane.  Sure the snow is bad, it’s been scary slick, but what’s really horrible is the cold.  Not like it’s freezing at 32 degrees Fahrenheit but it’s -10 Fahrenheit with a windchill of -20.  It’s insane.

My point is if I haven’t time to finish taking down Christmas/Yule decorations or clean the house to my standards.  I don’t have time to blog.


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