Piles of Laundry

When you have a large family there are some major lifestyle changes that ensue.  They may seem self explanatory and simple but I have to say I wasn’t at all prepared for the loads of laundry.  I think I touched base on shopping for 7.5 people for groceries.  Neither families found that a hard adjustment really.  We just had less left overs which in my house before went bad.  I have to hand it to my metamour they send them to work with my lover and froze the excess.  Now, there just isn’t excess.  We are trying something a little different this month and some things have changed, but I will touch base with that later.  For now, I want to talk about laundry.

First of all, before I lived with my metamour and paramour I wax playing mother to all.  I always had friends coming over to eat and do laundry.  Sometimes they brought their own detergent, and rarely they didn’t and often as payment they may leave some behind.  We were broke so I would buy vinegar with food stamps and use it as fabric softener it did work but my metamour cannot stand the smell even though it does fade after drying.  I have no idea what laundry was like before us for them.  But for us, I could be lazy and put it away every other week.  This past week we got behind due to illness and income taxes mixed in with Valentines Day and the situation was dire.  We had five baskets of laundry in the living room divided into the girls clothes in one, towels in the other, my husband and metamour’s in one, and the youngest boys in one.  All except our son’s basket was over flowing.  This is from a week and a half of laundry.  We have most of it is put away now but it was pretty dire.

Laundry detergent isn’t cheap and though we aren’t suffering for money, we are a family of eight and we are far from wealthy.  $10 bi weekly is a pack of diapers.  I would venture to say we spend that in six months buying fabric softener and making our own detergent which we have to make in the next few days and I will be happy to share the recipe we use.  It’s less chemicals on our bodies and more $ in our pockets.  It’s not that labor extensive.

Space is another issue.  The metamour and husband have the master bedroom and space is even cramped for them, sharing with a soon to be newborn.  I do not know the method to my metamour’s madness in her personal space but I am sure she has one.  They make it work and it’s the best we can do in our limited space.

The girls’ room is well organized (though always a mess with 2 girls under 10 in there) and bulging full of clothes.  When we worked together to tame this madness.  We don’t have a dresser in there but a stand up cabinet.  It has four shelves.  The oldest has the first shelf for her personal artifacts.  The two middle shelves are for clothes.  We put shorts on the youngest to go under her skirts on one and her play clothes.  The oldest has her play clothes and pajamas one one.  In the closet is one of those portable shelves.  The top three are the oldest because she can reach.  The first is her unmentionables.  The second is tights and leggins.  The third is strictly socks.  I never knew I could have a child who loved socks so much considering I hate shoes.  The bottom three are the youngest girl’s.  First shelf is her unmentionables and tights, second for her pajamas, and third her socks.  Then we have closet space which is limited due to the shelf.  We devised a plan to hang up entire outfits to maximize space and time.  The girls can pick their own outfits in the morning and usually it’s weather appropriate and it always matches.  There are some straggler shirts in there and if they want to wear that shirt it takes little  effort to help them find pants under the shirt they wish to wear.

The boy doesn’t need much organization. His clothes are small and he has the least (but plenty) since he isn’t in school yet.  He has one of the shelves in his closet too but it really isn’t that organized, it doesn’t have to be.  He has no dresser because we find nap time easier if nothing is in his room with him.  Will this change?  I am sure it will, but for now it is fine.

We have a small storage space to switch clothing out attached to our apartment.  We switch them seasonally.

My lover and I share a room.  We have probably the least space and are extremely organized and clean.  We  have a dresser and our hanging spots in our small closet are in four parts.  He gets half and I get half.  He has a skirt organizer for his pants and right now I have hung long sleeves on the top and short sleeves on the bottom.  He has half the dresser but it’s organized on his side in a way I don’t understand except the top shelf holds unmentionables for both of us.  On my half of the closet is nice pants and shirts on the top and skirts, dresses, and jackets on the bottom.  In my half of the dresser are sweats and around the house stuff’ and on the bottom are my nicer shirts.

We communicate a lot so laundry is just done.  I rarely do my husband’s and metamour’s laundry but will if I have half a load or it’s in a weird place and I grab it, but we don’t share a bathroom.  I usually end up doing the girls’ laundry and the boy’s is divided.  However sometimes the metamour grabs the girls’ from the hallway (or some random place they take their clothes off) or their room but we share a bathroom with them.  She always puts the boys clothes up, we take turns putting the girls’ up.  We put our own clothes up and I usually ask for help from my lover, they are his clothes too after all.

I would like to get more organized with stuff in the apartment over time and by the time I get it nearly where I want it we will move I am sure because that is life.  If this is my largest complaint in life though, than I am golden.  I love it.






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