Women Wednesday; Stevie Nicks


I have been horrible about keeping up with Women Wednesday. At first, I told myself it was because of lack of time, and it sort of was. That was part of it. But when I started reading about my latest subject I then realized I wasn’t adding anything that people didn’t already read about said person. Why is this person important to ME? How has she inspired and influenced ME? Of course basic facts should be there, but a person is more than facts.

Lately I have been listening to Fleetwood Mac, like all the time. I love Rumours. Absolutely fucking love it. I of course want to find out what makes them great. A song is a story and the story is so open it often leaves it for your own interpretation. That’s never been enough for me. I love to learn about human nature and genuine song writing says it all. “The Chain” is by far one of my favorites and it started it all. It was written by every band member. These five people that could hardly get along came together to write one of the best songs ever. I was intrigued. Stevie Nicks wrote the lyrics. I honestly always saw her as a fluff girl, who sang songs and played a tambourine but she is actually quite talented.

This performance shows the emotion still very raw and present.  It feels like Buckingham means every word he sings and Nicks seems almost hesitant and I would say hey all seem very emotionally charged except maybe Mick Fleetwood.

She was born in 1948 in Pheonix to two hard working people. They fostered her love of music and were always encouraging bt at the same time didn’t play games, and weren’t afraid to let her go when she dropped out of college to pursue music in LA. They just told her no school, no financial support. She met Lindsay Buckingham while in High School and was asked to join his band. Although I am sure there was chemistry, there was nothing romantic until the band broke up and they went there separate ways from the rest of the group remaining together. They both left college to pursue music together when offered a recording deal for their group, Buckingham Nicks. At this time they were very broke, and a young couple in love. Nicks supported the duo as a waitress and insisted upon it saying she was more flexible and his guitar playing sustained her. They were dropped by the recording label and were playing gigs but really Nicks was about to give up when Mick Fleetwood in search of a guitarist found a copy of Buckingham Nicks and loved Buckingham’s guitar playing. When he was approached he told them he and Stevie were a package deal. Mick hired them both but wanted to see how Christine McVie and her got along, and obviously they got along well. Unfortunately the road started wearing on Nicks and Buckingham and Nicks called the relationship quits. At the same time band mates Christine McVie and John McVie were also getting a divorced so there you have, writing gold. The band stayed intact a decade all not really getting along. Image Stevie is a song writing genius and yes, that gets her a lot of credit but why she is on Women Wednesday is she is a force to be reckoned with. She is married to her music and she practices what she preaches. She never had children and married once and not for love, well not conventional love. She chose instead to be solely dedicated to her work. She has used drugs and gotten clean. She has struggled for her music, she has suffered loss for her music, she has sacrificed for her music. She had a mansion she rarely lived in and shared with family but sold it so she could give more to charity. She is beautiful, talented, and smart. And with all humans she is beautifully flawed which is always the best part.


I would recommend watching interviews on YOUTUBE if you want to know more. I adore her. I have no plans for next week yet. But I am sure I you will hear from me again.


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