Women’s Wednesday; #BringBackOurGirls


I had something planned, but in good conscious I couldn’t post it today.  I told you last week, I had to go with my heart.  Why stop now?

In case you haven’t heard, #Bringbackourgirls is about these young girls in Nigeria who chose to get an education and these radical extremist kidnapped them stating they were going to sell them into slavery because they didn’t know their place.  My Women’s Wednesday isn’t just going to be about them, but the many faceless, and often voiceless women who fight everyday to be treated as a human being.  You may think these things only happen in far off countries, but the fact is that human trafficking is a problem everywhere that they are humans, even here in North America.  It’s not just women either., though women are more likely to suffer from it.

Back to the Nigerian school girls…This isn’t the first time we have heard of this sort of thing.  There have been numerous school bombings, young girls like Malala Yousafzai who have been shot for speaking up and encouraging women to be educated.  Then there was girls who faces were maimed by acid on their way to school because they refused to stop going.  These things happen everyday.  It certainly does not lessen the severity of the Nigerian girls being abducted.  It speaks volumes.


Malala Yousafzai, survived being shot in the head for speaking out about Women’s education.


In America we complain that women are held to a different level than man.  We have slut walks, we have nursing sit ins, we talk about how slut shaming is wrong.  I agree with all these things, I do, but I think sometimes we need to be humble.  We are far from a perfect nation, but every child isn’t just encouraged to get an education, but expected.  Gender, religion, nationality, nor race have anything to do with it.  I can wear whatever I want.  I can marry who I choose.  I am free to pursue anything I please.  I may not make as much money as a man.  I maybe called a slut if I sleep around.  But I can do it if I want to.  We take this for granted.  As an American I am given these rights.  Though human trafficking still happens, it is illegal and very harshly prosecuted (it’s very hard to prosecute being the issue).  In these countries where women may have the right to go to school, the social penalties may keep them from doing so.  I am speaking for them.



Bhutto was assassinated in 2007.  A very educated woman and former prime minister of Pakistan.  She was very vocal about equal rights for women.  I know very little about the politics but I know being a woman in politics was what got her killed.


I am speaking the the women in this country who are controlled and their fears keep them locked up or from flying free. For the girls sold into slavery before they can even walk.  And not just the girls too, but them men.  We all deserve equality and freedom.  Education is a human right.  Knowledge is the cute to human’s natural curiosity.  I deserve to be more than what I am told but to do as my heart tells and so does everyone.

Mainly though I am speaking out, I am saying that action needs to be taken to bring these innocent girls home to their loving families.



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