Life Happens

I have been very busy the past few months. I started attending a UU congregation on Sundays.  (they prefer I don’t call them a church)  I have been working part time at my previous job that I have quit, along with my metamour.  The children have been out of school.  I haven’t even had time to do things I enjoy and though I do enjoy writing in my blog, I prefer reading, swimming, or living life to it.  So when I lose time, I feel that unfortunately I am going to have to put this on the back burner.

Chunk has gotten big.  She is healthy, happy, and just a doll.  Speaking of babies, my best friend who was in preterm labor ended up making it to 36 weeks and had a healthy baby girl.  I am not saying that modern medicine is perfect but it does do wonderful things.  Both she and her two sons almost died from pre eclampsia and even though she had it this time, they were able to give her weekly shots to postpone the labor and induce her as soon as she was full term.  Both her and the baby girl got to go home at regular time only requiring extra visits to the doctor.  Her two previous children had months of intensive care while herself had weeks.

I had mentioned the girls finishing school for the year.  It’s a little chaotic in the home but I am sure as soon as I am used to it it will be time for them to go back and to take their little brother with them.  Today is his fourth birthday, so I did prioritize a little putting the blog before my usual music decompression time.  With the metamour working this morning it falls on me to make the cake and clean up, which is great.  I love baking and the kids will help me clean.

The Paramour won a trip to Cancun this January from his job.  Metamour is afraid of flying so that leaves me to go with him.  It’s not 100% as we still haven’t discussed all the ins and outs but I am hoping we can make it work.  We will know more about that in months to come seeing as we need to get passports, save money for emergencies and spending.

We have two new family members.  I think I have mentioned our dog who I affectionately refer to as tripawed on here, our three legged pomchi (Pomeranian-Chihuahua).  She is almost 2 and we rescued her at 6 weeks.  Well now we have two 8 week old Chi-weenies (Chihuahua-Dachshund) who at this point, sticking to not using first names will be Tweedle-dee for the male and Tweedle-dum for the female.  I am looking into getting them spayed and neutered now.

I have added pages to the main page of the blog.  Links, which I haven’t added any yet.  Fitness Friday, which I haven’t been able to accomplish much with yet, will be posts that I make on Fridays about trying to get myself into better health.  Though losing weight is a goal, my biggest goal is one of overall health.  The other page is Eco-Econo which I have started and is something I really enjoy.  Basically it’s making everyday things at home, simplifying your life and saving you money all in one.  I practice this a lot and already have new ideas and ones I have been doing years to add.

I know it’s Wednesday but I haven’t had much time to read more than tibits here and there about people I would like to dedicate a Women’s Wednesday to.


One thought on “Life Happens

  1. good to hear an update on your world! sounds like the summer whirlwind has caught you up. my house is much the same, full of children and noise and food. home is goodness. ❤

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