Just A Normal Night

Typically my lover and I share a room and My metamour and husband share a room. Maybe this sounds odd but they have a baby together and both married couples have been together a pretty long time and we actually mesh better with each other as far as sleeping in the bed is concerned. Every Saturday we switch and try to have a fun night with our legal spouses. We have a date night, switching the baby every other weekend.

Friday night I ended up ill. It was just female problems. Perhaps that sounds dumb to you but you try have little cysts burst monthy in your ovaries and see how you feel. Right now I am not recieving the care I need for my PCOS and I get nauseus and nothing helps the pain. I am sure my ovaries resemble swiss cheese.  I thought there was more going on and missed work Saturday morning. Since my husband started working evenings we are running constantly in our one car. I felt ragged and guilty for not wanting to switch but come to find out I wasn’t the only one. My husband came to me and said “I just want a normal night”. My lover and metamour felt it was a good time too, they had nothing planned. Ah a night of reading or watching a movie on Netflix while My paramour plays a game. But it didn’t happen you see…

My mom is in a situation where she cosigned for a car and the other person is in a situation where they cannot pay to the car is in her possesion and she is stuck with the payments. She has a pretty nice car of her own that is paid off but my brother decided he just paid his car off to take this car off her hands so they sold me his old car on payments for 800 less than it is worth. My husband and I instead drove 70 miles to pick it up. It was a fun drive, though my hometown makes me a bit queasy. I love you all dearly that still live there, but I have nothing beside you and bad memories tying me to that place. I am so grateful to my mom and my brother. Getting eight people around in once car hasn’t been easy and we have been doing it for a year and some months now. It was going to be some time before we had a down payment for a car and probably would have been paying way more than it would have been worth.

I am starting to feel a bit bad again, but nothing like before. I am hoping my life is about to get less chaotic so I can get back to posting more in here. I love the distractions, and being busy but I am ready for life to slow down a bit and get back on track.


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