All About My Personal Life; the Work Conundrum

I have been working. That’s exactly what I have been doing. Working and living. To those who do not know I have cut back significantly on my social media and such to make room for more family time and work.

I don’t have the most important job on the planet but I sometimes do bring smiles to others faces and unfortunately the food service industry has become very important to American Society. I work for one of the largest food chains in the world. I have been training for management and as of next Thursday my fate shall be sealed. I will be owned by the big industry. Many people may have many bad things to say about my job. I don’t really care. If you don’t like fast food, don’t eat it. Personally we cook in this house and maybe eat out weekly, but some people do not have that luxury. Some people say that the work is degrading and debasing. I disagree. I have worked warehouse before and felt useless. Food labor is hard work but you see the pay off. You also can request time off and they are typically pretty flexible with as far as scheduling. They don’t pay the best but you have opportunities for advancement. If you are balancing home with school to better yourself, it’s are a great option. If you choose to advance the insurance is great and the pay can be pretty good. I have known non salary managers to make upward of $15 an hour. And though it can be very physical, warehouse can be even more physical. It’s not for everyone, especially if you don’t like people. It has helped me get over my own social anxieties. Would I rather do something else with my life? Probably. However, going back to school isn’t a current option for me and with experience this works. In a few more years I may have to move onto something where I feel more challenged but it’s OK for right now.

It’s been difficult trying to keep my personal life personal at work because I work with my metamour and I did work with my husband. I let it slip to one manager, and then we are out to another completely. It’s not that I care if people know, but I never know how we will be judged. I have started to let a few in, and overall I am started to realize they don’t care. People have asked metamour and I if we are partners and we just giggle and say no. We’re not and it’s not offensive to us that they would ask. They know we live together.

In other news, the children have started school. Three of the four of them are gone! We have made a schedule where we all get Saturdays off together, but I really enjoy the other day off without them to sleep or get laundry done…..speaking of I need to switch some out. I sometimes wish I had the patience and the support system to home school but I know nobody here and the children need to be around other children. Our middle girl doesn’t learn the same way most children do and she is having a hard time in school. She is brilliant in her own way but she is very much a dancer to the beat of her own drum. The oldest girl is a genius, a lazy one at that, but when she does her work, it’s always A’s and the boy is doing well. I just worry about her. I worry she isn’t going to get what she needs and she is a brilliant artist and so creative. If I had a scanner I would show you some of her work. It’s truly amazing.

As for this blog, it’s like the rest of my outside of work endeavors. My ukulele is collecting dust. I have a book I have been too tired to write. I haven’t even picked up a book in months.

My husband has started a collection. He collects oddities. Mainly skulls and wet specimens, but there are even stranger things added to the mix. Lately he has acquired a monitor, coyote, bobcat, turtle, and rabbit skull. He has a lobster, a fish, and a rat wet specimen. He had a dental teaching display from the 1920’s with teeth and the different kinds of fillings in them. He however, traded it for a BTK letter, as he is fascinated with serial killers. I am so glad I don’t share a room with him, though I do enjoy checking out his oddities. Before I get people in here trying to defend these animals, know most of them were roadkill or feeders for other animals. Some may have been hunted for food. They are from professionals who pride themselves on being cruelty free and they do not kill for the pleasure of owning a skull or wet specimen.

As for my life, I eat, grocery shop, budget, take care of children, work, and repeat. I am hoping for less chaos and some future posts. But don’t get your hopes up.

Sorry this is so all over the place. Just like my life.


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