In These Times We Share

I noticed last week wordpress has this new feature where you can write a post for later submission. I cannot wait to try that out…Maybe Tuesday. Hopefully my time wont be so stressed anymore.

A week. Huh. Many things can happen in a week. First of all this hasn’t been a normal week. It has been one of the most beautifully, stressed out, rewarding weeks of my life. I just feel so accomplished it’s unreal.

I have worked for the company I am working at before, for over five years to be exact. The store I worked at beat me down and made me feel like I was unreliable. I’ll admit, at times I could be. I had a small child at home and some personal stuff that is better left there in the past. It started as I called in maybe every couple of months and then it was bad thing after bad thing maybe I called in four times in a month. Then the term unreliable came up when I tried really hard. I can actually remember one time my daughter having pneumonia and bringing her in with me to talk with my boss about it. I let her play with my GM’s pen and I was told I was wrong for missing work. He could see how sick she was, even refused to take back his pen. I am unsure who was supposed to watch her with pneumonia…Oh well. I just got to a point where I was unreliable so I chose to be unreliable. I started here clean. Nobody knew me. When I have called in, nobody judged me, they asked if I were ok. What took me five years to train for and never accomplish I accomplished here in less than six months. I wasn’t “too nice” and I wasn’t “unreliable” I was just human and they recognize that. I have worked so hard to get here. So very very hard. I hurt after work, sometimes I feel like I cannot possibly do anymore, but it has been worth it. I have more confidence to just do my job. I don’t feel like I’m being judged for my mistakes. They see my strengths and my weaknesses. I am not a machine, though sometimes I smile so much I feel like it. I am human. So, I finally was promoted yesterday. That’s the point of all this.

I was supposed to be verified on Thursday but something popped up and my boss had to leave. So a pop up verification on Friday had to suffice. We celebrated Thursday anyway. We just chilled, ate great food, and all of, children and adult just were so happy to be around each other.

Friday after I was actually verified I felt like I was physically dead tired after working a five day stretch and stressing knowing that my verification was coming, not to mention (I still say it’s hazing) I have ran all but one shift I worked since last week, as in I ran breakfast and lunch, then did it again the following day. I needed practice, they said (I am sure they are right). Needless to say I had felt like I was hit by a truck. So we ordered Chinese. My lover got the most awesome fortune in his fortune cookie. Then we finished up with some Wine and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

This morning we did our running. We all have Saturdays off, so we can do this relatively pain free. The children always have someone stay home with them. First my lover and I turned in and paid for our passport information. It’s official. We are going to Cancun in January and both of us get it off paid! Gotta love paid for, almost free vacations! I am so excited! Then the Metamour and I went grocery shopping and about some much needed organizational tools for around the house.


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