It turns out making major life changes leaves you with little time to blog.  I’ll be honest, on my down time, I have been maybe playing a fb gme or something stupid, or catching up with the Arrow, oh and then there were those pesky holidays.  I am so ready for a vacation, which I leave for Cancun tomorrow.  I have to make time for everything and I have been highly lacking in time management.

So the holidays happened.  I wasn’t feeling that jolly this year, which is not typical as I am usually the biggest cheerleader for decorations and making it memorable for the children.  I had an emotional downpour with quitting my last job and starting in the busy season of the salon and feeling useless (though determined) in the beginning.  Before Christmas I was getting my own dogs and feel fairly confidant in the physical part of my job.  I still don’t know where I stand with people there.  They are all established as friends and I’m very socially awkward and when the turnover rate is high and people come in and out I know it’s just going to take time.  I want to be more social and make friends.  I am trying and I know it’s going to take time a patience and that it may never happen.  If it doesn’t I have my family.

After I get better trained, start to cut hair, and get my own set of tools I think I would like to volunteer at a shelter.  It will get me more clientale, I can be helping, which lets face it, I like to feel useful and purposeful,  I can meet people, and I am setting an example for my children.  This is all just a dream at this point, as I haven’t even started stylist training yet.  It’s good to have some goals.

Speaking of goals, I have some.  I want to be a derby girl, and my town has a team.  I am not in shape enough nor do I have health insurance BUT I can get into shape and will have health insurance from my employer next year.  So My goal is to work out.  Not to lose weight, though that would be awesome.

I have other goals, but nothing I want to put down on paper or even talk to my family about yet, they are all in the dream phase, though in my head and heart they are quite serious.  I decided if I take on too much at a time I may not accomplish anything.  This isn’t about resolutions.  It’s about change.  I will try to keep you guys in the loop more but honestly as much as I would like to say that things are changing, they really aren’t.

I have to add that we did get a new family member right after Christmas.  On here we will call him Jack-Jack.  He is a cute Jack Russell Terrier.  He is usually sweet but given a few minutes will cher your face off.  I adore him.


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