Riviera Maya


I haven’t had much time to write in here or do anything since starting my new job in the salon.  It’s wearing on me.  I am actually sick and up in the middle of the night thinking of better times.  A month ago I was in paradise, recently I feel I am in the opposite.  I would say hell but the temperature is closer to Antarctica than anything close to what I would call hell.

I kept an adventure log while there, some of which I will share with you along with pictures.

January 18th 2015, Day 1

Basically it began early and ended late with lots of traveling and hauling bags around.  I remember being quite grumpy as we had to be up at 2 am and the excitement kept us from sleeping.  The flights weren’t super packed on the way there but I am not one for a crowd.  I remember the vegetation and seeing the shore which was absolutely beautiful.  We saw several iguanas on the way to the resort. I got to relax with some drinks and snacks and we got lost on the way to our room in the resort.  The opening announcements were that night and it was loud and crowded, not my favorite atmosphere but it was open bar, so that helped.

It was noted that I was surprised at how much vegetation there was.


January 19th 2015, Day 2

One of my favorite days in the Riviera Maya, all we did was explore the resort.  There were two sides in the HardRock, there is the Hacienda side, which was marked by it’s Orange buildings and the Heaven side, marked by it’s Blue buildings.  Hacienda is where families and people under 18 stay and Heaven was exclusively for adults.  I was on the Heaven side, which was nice and quiet.  We explored the Heaven side first, up early.  We took pictures inside the lobbies because they were like mini music museums and I knew someone who would be very eager to see them at home.



When made it over to the Hacienda side where we had lunch with an ocean view.  Lunch was always served buffet style and various places.  We finished up our tour before heading back to the heaven side.  We decided to stop for some drinks at my lover’s favorite indoor bar before making it back to our room and into the hot tub.  He chose to game which made it ALL MINE!  We went out to one of the fancier places for dinner and it was AMAZING.  We then headed out to what would become my favorite bar called the Martini bar which was out on the ocean and had more drinks.  Unfortunately I had heels on and was still an amateur and drank too much so we had to head back to the room all too soon.







January 20th 2015, Day 3

This day was well spent mainly on the beach collecting shells.  After ordering room service for breakfast we got dressed in beachwear and headed out to enjoy sun.  It wasn’t his thing but it is totally mine.  It was way too hot for him but he suffered through for me.  We went on to the Martini bar which was loud and obnoxious due to some college kids.  They ended up being kicked out because they were jumping about 20 feet off into the ocean from the bar.  It was pretty far from our room so we saw so much of wildlife and got many pictures.  We saw large rodents, fish, birds, and of course, large lizards.  The lover ended up getting very drunk for the first time he can remember at the Martini bar while we enjoyed the quiet and the breeze.  He had 2 AMF’s because I did not drink mine.  I was a tad tipsy too after having a double shot of tequila (it is Mexico after all) but I slowed down to let him enjoy his alcohol more.  He went back to the room and passed out, I took this as a cue to enjoy the hot tub again.  This evening we went to a Hibachi Grill which was so much fun.  I had sake for the first, which wasn’t to my liking  time and the food was so good, not to mention entertaining.





January 21st 2015, Day 4

I had fallen in love with my quiet beach and went every morning I could from this point on.  So after ordering in, and being quite disappointed in the food I went out to the beach while Fei stayed in.  I came back and we ordered in knowing that we had a monkey tour planned for that afternoon.  We then went on the monkey our and saw a monkey but it ended up being too much on Fei’s back.  We rested at his little indoor bar before decided to walk back to our room.  On the way back it began to downpour which I loved immensely.  There was a beautiful rainbow and I nearly ruined my phone trying to get a picture and I was unsuccessful.  I had never seen a rainbow over the ocean before.  I can type all day about what I see but it would never ever begin to explain the experience of seeing it.  We took this day to primarily rest Will’s back but planned to go to the fanciest restaurant on the resort.  It was a lot of fun getting all dressed up for no reason.  We had this wonderful white wine.  It was a Spanish Chardonnay.


January 22nd 2015, Day 5

After being disappointed in the room service the previous morning we found a buffet and were not disappointed.  I then went to have my beach time and Fei his alone time but started feeling the sun and decided to scour the beach for shells and trinkets to take home, but it was too difficult on the rocky terrain without shoes.  So I headed back to the room early to pull Fei out to help me but after getting slightly disappointed in not finding anything we said screw it and went to the bar before heading home and ordering in for lunch.  We had a reception for his company that night so we headed to the hacienda side early where it was and checked out the bars and the beach.  The beach was suffering from algae issue that would later overtake the entire beach but it was so beautiful.  It was much prettier with more to look at than what was on the Heaven side.  It was a perfect night, though windy at the top of the building where the reception was being held.  It was so beautiful and the entertainment was awesome with a male pole dancer, a balancing contortionist and followed up with a female hula hooper.  It was to be a buffet dinner after the announcements but we split afterwords and opted to go to the Brazilian spitfire instead, which was a very fun and tasty experience.  We then hit the gift shops pretty hard where I packed because I didn’t want to spend any of my final full day packing.



January 23rd 2015, Day 6


This day started really early for me by choice.  I sat on our private patio and watched the sun come up over the ocean.  We had heard great things about this place on the Hacienda side and went there for breakfast.  We checked out the gift shop on that side again before going back over to the heaven side to look there again.  since algae bloom to over the beach I couldn’t scour it like I wanted to or swim which was very disappointing but I decided to lay out anyway.  We then went out for lunch.  I went straight from lunch to vacation planner.  I had previously planned my massage but planned to get my hair done and a mani pedi directly afterwords.  I had never had a massage before and I chose well to have a hot stone massage.  My hair turned out great.  This took quite some time so by the time I made it back to the room it was time to eat.  We chose French this evening, which I was nervous about but the food was genuinely amazing.  The red wine they paired with it was superb.  No longer being an amateur I took my heels off while walking and headed over to our favorite bar one last time.  There were some entertaining, rowdy Canadians and a large school of fish.  We stayed there for quite sometime before we headed back to our room and to our hot tub.


I didn’t really write about the last day, we left at 9:45 and didn’t get home till near midnight.  I do have to say that Cancun airport in itself is just unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It’s like a market.  I ended up spending money there too.  It was a hellish, crowded trip home.  I missed the rest of our family so on the same token, I was happy.

If we had planned better there were so many things I would have loved to seen.  I am sure someday we will get to go back.  I would love to go to Tolum, Chichen Itzca, and Aktun Chen.  I want to zipline, swim with dolphins, and go spurlunking.  next time I want to expierence not just go.  This time I did experience what a inclusive resort is and enjoyed it next time I want to include more adventures!



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