Two Weeks Notice

So it’s obvious what this is going to be about.  I reluctantly have to announce that I gave my two weeks notice to the salon yesterday.  part of me is sad it wasn’t working out, part of me is relieved, and there is some worry in there too.  this is something I thought long and hard about for a week before concluding it was for the best and even consolted with the Salon manager and the other associates first.  I think eventually I could have gotten it but not as quickly as needed and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced I made the right decision.  I loved working with the animals.  the discount was nice as I have my own zoo, but my overall well being is more important as is the welfare of myself and the animals I am caring for.  I also have learned I am not a retail or red tape girl.  I am not steady enough to have a job with regular clients that depend so heavily on me.  I want to travel and enjoy my children too much for a career like that.

I haven’t gotten another job yet, but I have one in the works and a few back up plans.  I want part time.  Money is secondary.  I would really like benefits.  Last but not least I am still completely lost as to what I am meant to do in this life.  It would be nice to work for a company that I can stand up for and be proud of.  I definitely didn’t have that at my last job.  I think that the company I am at now had good intentions but it is retail…

I hate money.  I hate that so much of our being relies upon it.  Why can’t we do what we are good at and what we love to survive?  Some people can, I guess, but the majority of people are not afforded this luxury.  I guess what’s important is we find something we fit into and we like it ok and that it fits us.  We are all going to hate our job at one point or another.  We are all going to have bad days, even if you love what you do.

Last but not least we all deserve respect and pay it forward as far as respect goes.  Even when you mess up badly it should be dealt with compassionately .  Nobody needs to be yelled at or to feel more inferior than we already are.  If it’s not working and the fit isn’t there then let the person go, but try to do so with tact.


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