Women Wednesday: You

As the average everyday woman we are constantly told what we are, who we are, and if that is ok or not.  I tend to focus on sexuality and how it is ok to be sexual or not.  It goes so much deeper than that.  We always seem to think it’s Patriarchial but I find that many times it’s not it’s women enforcing these “rules” onto one another.  Women do so many things to be accepted by other women and to be attractive.  Men do this too to an extent but I feel it is more biased towards women.  I was watching my 600 lb life.  This young lady was extremely pretty just a very large girl who had an obvious eating problem that was obviously psychological.  Why does this make her open for ridicule and disrespect?  Of course I am not saying she shouldn’t lose weight, she was killing herself with food, but why does she HAVE to lose weight to be accepted and loved for who she is?  It is ok to not find someone attractive.  It is ok not to agree with something someone is doing.  It is not ok to ridicule anyone for any reason.  We are all beautiful.  We all have our own battles that not even are closest friends and loved ones know about.

I feel that I am beautiful.  I am a bigger girl (no not 600 lbs) and I want o lose weight because I want to be healthy and take care of my family and myself and yes to feel attractive.  But I want to share the song and video Try, by Colbie Caillat because someday I hope it is true for us all, not just women but for the world.  Our beauty should be on the inside.  The outside should be the way we choose to express ourselves.


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