We had a blast at Pride Saturday, my first ever.  I believe in love before all things, in sort of a hopeless romantic kinda way.  We designed our own clothes, I even designed a bra.  It was hot, which wasn’t fun, and crowded, again not my thing.


When we got there there, we first watched the long ass parade.  It was amusing, but it lasted easily two hours.  We ended going into the the actual festival before it ended.  The atmosphere was amazing.  Everyone was so friendly, strangers signed my shirt.  The best part was meeting Bunny for the first time, though I wish there would have been more get to know you time.


There was so much propoganda.  We were looking for 501’s booth so Liliath could meet a gentleman she had been talking to.  It was discouraging that it was so hot and we never found it.  I felt so bad, but we had baby girl Chunk with us so we couldn’t risk getting her over heated.  A funny story first.  The guy that was handing out the Lover’s Lane catalogs got very tongue tied when I asked for one.  He could barely speak an audible word.


I loved it, more for the atmosphere than anything else.  I would have been much happier had I run into more people I knew.  I however felt so sexy and positive that I can’t say that I wasn’t happy.


Sunburn from my fishnet gloves, lol.

It’s important to know the significance of Pride this year for Indiana.  Gay people after fighting so hard have the right to marry.  They had a law passed where a person can discriminate against them based in their religious beliefs.  It’s been a very tough year and we have stuck together and made the best of it, and this is proof that most of Indy is open and loving.


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