He follows in the desert like desire for water to quench my sandpaper tongue
Another year goes by, and still I feel so over wrung
I stare into the candle and what do I see?
Him showing all I’ve missed in front, staring right in front of me.
Thirty-one candles have passed and went.
So much yet to do, so little time, was it well spent?
You think you’re done learning, you know what you want.
Then there is a kink, a curve, a mistake left to flaunt
Then you realize you never knew anything, not at all
We stare him down every day, his shadow so tall
We avoid by living, believing in tomorrow and it will come

How many missed opportunities have I had, how many heartaches?
How many times have I made the same damn mistakes?
Creature of habit, I would like to lie and say I’m fine, I’ll learn
Pick up, brush off, realize the mistakes are mine that I’ve earn
But still he stares me down, all of us down down
We can’t tell if it’s our time, if he wears a frown
It’s a limited time offer, no plans to use it right away
But I’m not in charge of what games he has yet to play
In the mean time I’ll try my best and stare down another candle
And hope that I’m not too much woman for all of em to handle


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