Illness, remodel, crazy children, crazy friends, and crazy family

Lately we have all been sick.  It started with Beast’s nephews, it traveled to his mom, narrowly missing his diabetic, heart patient, father, and trickled to Beast and I.  Though he and I had flu shots we ended up with the flu.  My children were spared this, but mini Beast actually ended up with Bronchitis and an ear infection.  I had my children the first weekend with it, all of them excluding the lil one and we also had mini Beast.  I went to work, though I felt like death just to be told I couldn’t clock in so I left.  I was quite sure I didn’t have a job anymore and frankly I was too sick to care.   Beast did awesome watching the babies for me so I could sleep.  When he got bad he got to sleep consecutively because the children were gone.

Work has been remodeling for our ten year remodel and it came at a perfect time.  Starbucks is launching evening stores all over the country and we will be one of the first in Indiana.  This means we will serve local beer and wine in the evening hours and carry much better food options.  I honestly love being a barista and just wish it would pay better.  Due to being sick, the remodel, and even before then, being part time for all the therapy I was in, I haven’t been making enough money for anything.  The only way I paid for Christmas was my mother loaned me her credit cards and I am paying them back with my student disbursements.  Beast is going to go to school and get part time work too and I am going back to full time so I can get the ball rolling on getting our own place.

I’ve been spoiling the children too much, buying them gifts and such.  I feel I am making up for not being there, but I know it’s not the same.  I miss them so much.  I enjoy my time without them around, please don’t get me wrong, but if I had to pick between adjusting my life to have Purple Girl and mini Beast full time or even half the time, I would be happy to do so.  I can say I have loved sharing experiences with mini Beast and Purple Girl that I was not able to before.  We had Mini Beast more than usual due to his mother’s father passing away.

I have been trying to get out of the house and not dwell on the lack of children or finances.  I went to my very first wrestling show with Beast and some good friends.  It was a great time but I didn’t drink much due to disliking everything so I had to drive until after eating.  The pizza was very good and our friends covered it this time, we plan on hitting them back next time with some take out Chinese if I ever make money again, lol.  We also try to go to said friend’s house on Mondays for RAW but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way, for whatever reason.  We have been hanging out with Beast’s closest friend  and her fiance lately.  I love her so it’s always good fun.  We also have been connecting with old friends and making stuff right which we both have enjoyed.  I wish my exes and we would hang out more, Loki and I spent an afternoon together at Walmart, he acts like a father sometimes lol.

I got to see my mom a week ago and introduce her to Beast.  She likes him ok but just wants me to be happy, she says.  She is having a rough time, hings are crazy at home but that’s not my laundry to air.  It’s insanely crazy but I love all of you involved and I hope whatever has to happen, happens.



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