And It Keeps Getting too Busy

I’ve been so busy between getting my liquor license for work and driving around and Loki so kindly giving me our car so we could get around.   We have come so far but it’s getting difficult when it comes to money.

Some good things that have happened is I am developing my own tribe.   Loki and my poly family are obviously part of it.   My Beast David,  and Mini Beast obviously.   My best Bunny and the good Twin and their darling crazy girl.  I have some others that are approaching my tribe and are in Beasts but we also try to maintain separate tribes as we are not a conglomerate of one another.  

We have been trying new things together from food to sex,  our lives no matter how poor will be an adventure.   I’m setting up a separate blog for my sexual exploration because my family doesn’t want to read that stuff.  

I will try to update as I we explore.


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