Two Jobless Nuts

It’s  exactly how it sounds.   I got fed up with my job,  they got fed up with me and now I have a pretty liquor license and no where to use it.  Beast is going to go back to work and I am waiting to get clean,  as bad as that sounds.   It’s no secret to anyone,  I’m an avid Marijuana smoker.   It’s been 9 whole days,  I am on my way.   Maybe this is ridiculous but I want to be who I want to be.   I want piercings and tattoos,  I want to wear what I want,  I want colorful hair,  and I definitely don’t want to work minimum wage.   I think being a laborer is right for me.  

I spent my entire last check irresponsibly on a trip to Bloomington and tried new things and bought stuff that fit me as a person and of course Beast got some comic books and a bracelet out of the deal.  We ate at Dagwoods and bought cookies at Baked!  We walked all day.   It’s a pretty vague summary of the entire trip.   It was a blast.   Laying at home and watching Netflix is a blast.   Anything with him is fun.   I never thought it would happen,  but,  he is my match!   The tall,  nerdy,  silly,  funny,  crazy,  bipolar,  with absolutely gorgeous blue eyes match.  Since being with him I have walked downtown Columbus,  slow danced in the rain,  been to many punk shows,  been to a kink club several times,  had groups sex,  been places I’ve never been,  met so many new people,  made regular things,  and have had courage to do things I couldn’t.   I love him,  so fucking much.

We have a plan but after we get jobs we have to get our shit together.   This huge ass house isn’t big enough for us.   We have very different views and we want our own space.  Before we  can even talk about a plan,  we need to simply get jobs.   But I enjoy him,  every inch of him.   His crazy outburst,  the crazy podcasts he listens to at night,  him always thinking he is right,  sex is just,  whoa,  and yeah….   I could go on.   I love him.   I love him.


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