I really am tired of trying.   As of Friday I am officially homeless,  living in my car.   We had acquired a place to sleep so David could keep his cpap.  Well that’s over.   I’m just tired.   After losing our money to people who scammed and then robbed us of all of our valuables.  Then after dealing with that from 9am until 9pm,  calling the police twice,  I called in the next day.   I didn’t eat from 11 to 9, then called in around 10 pm for my shift at 6am.  Some of my friends have quickly pointed out how I shouldn’t have called in…. Thanks.   I was fired.   I have 7 dollars to my nearly empty gas tank.  I have to take Logan home,  pick Hannah up,  go to the eye doctor,  take Hannah home and drive here.   Then the next day I get to go to therapy.   What’s the point t,  Idk,  but I’ll lose my meds if I don’t.   Things seriously keep getting worse. 


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