Life without Facebook is lonely.   Today is the first day I have actually felt this way.   David is working,  I finished reading a book earlier and I’m procrastinating doing the dishes.   I am not ready to go back I just need to work on other ways to be social.   I feel Facebook is killing real interactions for people like me who have to be forced to go out.   With a lack of trust making friends is difficult.   It’s easier to stick to people I know even if I don’t really anymore.   Since I’ve already voted I get to avoid the rest of this monkey business of an election.   I also feel like I get to know what a person stands for,   their beliefs,  and their attitude,  but not really them.   I have found people that I hate everything about them but know them in real life and they are inexplicably the best people renting though they are everything I wouldn’t expect to like.  I j now I’m not the only person who has this problem in real life.   I want people to read my blog but not at the cost of being a book judged by its cover, so to speak.   

Personal growth is really hard.   Maybe eventually I will make progress.   I’m really just trying not to think too hard about it. 


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