I Still Love my Country

​Dear America,

I am no one special,  who I voted for doesn’t matter anymore,  though everyone that knows anything about me knows,  I did not vote for Trump.   Sadly the outdated electoral college has failed us,  and if we went by popular vote 400,000 people’s voices went unheard.   Though this system is outdated and not needed any longer needed it happened.   Donald Trump will be our president come January 16th.  Nothing we do will stop this.   We need to overcome.   What can we do?   Teach our children to love for starters.   Everyone.   Bigots and racist included.   Not to agree,  but to love.   This cannot be done without loving your child no matter who they are.   When it comes to us adults,  we can also lead by example.   Love your haters even if you don’t understand their hate,  quit trying to.   Hate is toxic and can never be understood.   If you see someone being hurt physically or at all,  step up,  show your love and support.   Stop arguing about the election.   It’s done and over with.   Believe it or not not everyone that voted Trump is a racist.   I know it’s hard to understand,  many people simply voted Republican.   Their father’s and mothers did,  so they did.  That doesn’t make them inherently racist.   I know some people who voted for Trump very personally and I don’t understand why knowing the life they live and their beliefs,  but I know they are good people.   Some Trump supporters are awful people and are excusing themselves to do awful things because they feel like they can get away with it.   Don’t let them.   It’s on us now to look out for each other.   If you are one of these people and are reading this,  we won’t let you get by with it.   If you support your president but are not these sort of people don’t let this happen.   You are creating a bad name for your president and our country.  

Yours Truly,

A citizen


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