Wrap it Up

I am trying to wonder where my story left off.  Somewhere after being robbed but before Beast’s sister kicked us out for whatever reason she made up in her head.  It’s been fucking rough the past few weeks, but finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s all pretty far into the distance but it’s there.  And boy is it bright!  Bright enough to keep me warm in the coldest times.

I think I mentioned crazy baby mama.  Look, I am seeing I am one step away from nervous breakdown at any given moment, but I at least try to be kind.  I try to be a good person.  I help when I can, I love fully and without any hesitation (talk about crazy) once I decide I am in…but this woman… is terrible.  Who does that to an innocent child.  I know what she would say, if she read this, to defend herself.  “David doesn’t pay child support, David was inconsistent as a parent”.  First of all the child support was an agreement they made in court.  She could have vetoed that.  Secondly, He had him most of the time last winter, every other week in the summer and hasn’t missed a weekend once since we got together.  We also kept him a day over every weekend since he summer ended.  But she decided in November because she changed the schedule for her graduation and he was working that night, he was a piece of shit because we couldn’t get him while David was working.  I am sorry but it’s not my place to deal with her.  She is hostile to me.

So there was that…

Then some friend drama partially because of said situation.  I don’t care to go into it because that whole situation hurts because I felt so betrayed, but whatever,  can’t change the past and no one is sorry.  Stalemate, oh except because someone is kind to my boyfriend, I am supposed to be their friend…nah, no thanks.  I am not my boyfriend and I am not required to be anyone’s friend for any reason.  If I am to be friends with someone it’s going to because I trust them.  That list is like…very slim and I am ok with that.

So we got kicked out of his sister’s…and rather violently too.  I was threatened to be shot by her stupid, emotionally abusive, cocky ass boyfriend.  David was at work.  Left me stuff that was ours there but it wasn’t worth it to get it.  It was the coldest day of 2016 that night.  We had no place to go (this is like at 8 or 9 before I make it out), a week before Christmas.  Devastated but starting to calm down after picking up David.  My closest friend,  outside of my poly family (not relational poly) said we could go there.  We bought some groceries and headed on.  We both had decided we weren’t going to miss work for anything, it didn’t matter if we didn’t settle down until two or three…but fate can be cruel.  Driving down the highway, but luckily before we got onto the interstate,  we blew a tire and the other went irreversibly flat.  We did call in.  I emailed my boss while sobbing hysterically David who had been my rock all night lost it…  He called his boss who pleaded with him to stay calm.  Neither of us have winter coats that we can easily access  and my heat in the car had quit working.  We were freezing.  Luckily David had gotten paid so we had my car towed to the nearest gas station and our friend was in a position where she could help us.  We didn’t get to bed until well after 4am.  My ex, Loki helped out the next day, or tried.  We ran some errands, decided there wasn’t enough daylight left and he took me to get some things, including a new  work outfit because I had misplaced mine somewhere in the car.  We made a plan for him to take us to work the following day and he would see to taking my car someplace to get it fixed.    He started driving me back to Bunny’s place, in Franklin, a town about 30 minutes from Columbus.  I start getting psychotic text messages from his sister’s crazy boyfriend out of nowhere.  I have no idea why.  He starts threatening my job.  I get it worked out that John will drive me over the next day, though I ended up going alone because my police escort didn’t show, to retrieve my work clothes back that he threatens to keep (just to be petty, no one can wear my shit, I’m super fat), and I get this really uncalled for, nasty letter about how I am a threat to their family from his sister.  I talk to David’s mom a bit and apparently I supposedly called CPS on them the before (a Friday).  I was sleeping half the day and out with Loki the other half, and literally not alone for one single second.  I had bigger things to worry about than making a false claim about someone I cared about.  That very same day they magically showed up on their doorstep.  It doesn’t happen that way, it takes at least 24 to 48 hours to visit from the beginning of a report.  Besides I could say way more real stuff if I wanted to hurt their family but I don’t.  They were my boyfriend’s family and I don’t do that unless I fear a child’s welfare is at risk, and many bad things I can say and judgments I can make,  I know she loves her boys,  I know she looks out for their well-being.  I can be a petty person, but not like that.  It’s done now, I did report him to the police for harassment but It’s more so if the time comes I could file a restraining order.  They have left me alone and I have them.  David says he no longer has family here in Columbus as far as he is concerned, but I think my poly family has adopted him.

We stayed that weekend with my bestie.  Then the following week with my poly family for my daughter’s 12th birthday and Christmas.  David did get sad missing Logan and maybe his parents too, but he muscled through.  We both decided it was a pretty good Christmas.

We returned to the besties the following week.  She got us a pass to stay with her for two weeks.  Our plans for new years had fallen through so we made new ones with her and brought over Oly to hang out with her daughter, and took some clothes to Hannah at her bff’s.  My year had decided it wasn’t done with me yet, and went out with a literal bang.  My car overheated on the way to Franklin to give Hannah her clothes.  I am freaking out, this car is literally, all we have right now.  I did something incredibly stupid and tried to remove the radiator cap and bam, right in my eye, fling my glasses a few feet.  I had never seen David jump out of a car so fast.  We did eventually make it to Bunny’s but I was just in a mood.  I was glad to have my wine.

It took me time to recover, my car still isn’t right, and the weeks in Franklin were tough.  It’s a drive and I work long shifts and David doesn’t have a license since the accident, he cannot drive.  We didn’t have a single day off together and I work 4 very long days having 3 days off.  My gas was crazy, my exhaustion, crazy.  You know what, I was so lucky to be there, and grateful.  Love you Bunny, Thank all three of you so much.

We are back in Columbus, I’m finally getting my work down pretty good.  Since that one day I haven’t missed a day or been late and neither has David.  We have applied for two places, been accepted at one.  Waiting and hoping for the other and should be out on our own by March as promised to our hosts.  There have been some hang ups, and hurdles but we are doing it.  We are so much stronger after this.  We have very little to start off with but I really have this sense, for the first time in months, that everything is finally going to be ok.  As many offers as I had to stay outside of this town I have learned to love, I didn’t run away.  I cannot thank my current hosts, Bunny and her family, all of my real friends and family enough, your love, and support have seriously pulled me through some of my scariest times.


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