And We Never Gave Up

Loki and I were together days away from 19 years.   I was a mere 13 when we started courting.   We Married 5 years later and our daughter came around just before our 3 year wedding anniversary.   

When he and I met he made me a kinder person.   My anger at the world seem to fade and I felt love for the first time.   

We went through and put each other through so much.   I went from being an awful wife,  to an awesome wife,  and in the end,  a complacent one. 

It got really tough somewhere in the middle of that.   We clung to each other like a junkie to the needle.   We were angry,  Codependent and sick…. But we never gave up trying to make it work.   The marriage was gone but love remained,  though not romantic,  but we found ways to evolve. 

When we split for the final game,  I came to get my stuff,  he cornered me,  knowing in my heart how I felt.   “We didn’t fail,  no one worked harder than us,”  and he gently kissed my cheek.  It was hard but we both had moved on long before. 

And even now,  though,  a lot healthier we haven’t gave up.   He needs an ear I’m here.   I need someone to help me with something or loan me a few bucks,  he is there.   He is my oldest and closest friend and I am happy to share a child with him.   We have joint open conversations with her.   She knows she can’t pull the wool over our eyes because we talk.   

We had some times where we despised each other,  and every now and then I need to step back from a conversation I see getting too passionate that doesn’t really matter… But we don’t give up. 


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