From my job to your computer…3 days later.

Here I am at work, the only time I feel I have anymore.  I am not complaining.  I don’t like to be bored.  I just wonder where all my focus is going to go next month when I have my own place.  That’s right!!  We are getting out own place officially next month.  I am a bit stressed, I cannot lie, but I am more excited than not.  As for David and my relationship, it’s probably the best it’s been.  When we do fight, it’s usually small dumb stuff.  I’m hoping the make it or break it moments are over now.  I honestly want a fun relationship as opposed to one that is all work and no play.  Again, don’t mistake me, I know ALL relationships are work but I felt in my last marriage it was more work than it was worth and Loki and I are the greatest friends for it.  We both were talking about how we are happy where we are in life for the most part and what a good feeling it is to be happy for one another.
Speaking of fun, Beast had a show in Louisville and I actually think I am in love with that city.  I thought I hated Kentucky, but to be fair I only had bad experiences before.  We met a few good friends.  I feel like they are great additions to my life, as David has known them all longer than I have.  We were going to do a bar crawl but we didn’t make it past the game shop lol.  I wanted a munchkin game he wanted a game period and they had marvel munchkin.  So it was a win win.  We spent entirely too much money and had a great time.  I had wished we had gotten there earlier because we had visited many places but sadly most closed soon.  The Muhammad Ali center closed an hour after we stepped in the door so paying the admission would have been crazy.  However, we are definitely going there next time.  We also want to stay at a hotel and got to the cave and so many other things.  It’s going to be one of our weekend trips.  We can do one with the children and one more time sans children.
My job is going pretty well.  My boss likes me, which is a plus.  I get stressed when I have to work with people because I have my own routines and they screw with them, except for my part time associate, who has adopted my same routines.  Unfortunately she isn’t working as well as I am so it’s disappointing that I will have to make someone else adjust to my routines and hope that they aren’t back stabbers after my job and so on.  I don’t have this attitude of wanting to move up the ladder currently, I just want to be good at my job and good with my customers and then we can see.
As far as fun goes.  I told you about Louisville, we go to the movies because you know, free movies.  So if it’s new, there is a chance I can tell you about it.  I know it’s not some mind blowing post, or crazy revelations, it’s nice and, well pretty normal for me.

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