In less than a week David and I will finally have our place.  A place for my daughter, we will have a place for mini beast to sleep too.  Finally.  We have been working so hard, especially since late September to accomplish this.  And We have done it mostly on our own.  We had some very kind friends give us places to stay.  I am so excited.

I am thinking about doing my own upcycling business.  When I was in high school I was vice president of the poetry club, a huge responsibility, however I was also in the ecology club.  Our clubs often ran on the same day, which sucked but I found a way to still be active in ecology club while vice president of the other club.  I talked to the president and told her that my responsibility to this earth is very strong.  Honestly I had a larger sense of ethics about it then than I do now.  I didn’t eat meat and I recycled in a town that didn’t offer it. 

I talked to David about my need to lessen my carbon footprint and to leave the world in a better place, or at least do my best and not only did he passively support it, which is what I am used to, he says he loves the idea too.  We are so alike in so many ways.  He of course is an atheist, whereas I am spiritual without really knowing what I am, and he even supports my beliefs on that and they are nothing like his own.  I feel so lucky to have him. 

I have been looking at ways to get gently used clothing like ebay, thread up, goodwill, thrift shops.  That I feel is a good start and good on my wallet.  I plan on doing a vegetable garden next year, again, good on my wallet and for the environment and just for us.  When I was little my family had a huge garden and I am trying to utilize this as best as possible.  I am even looking into composting and rain barrels.  Hard to accomplish in an apartment, but not impossible from what I have been reading.  I love flowers and even found some ways to do both.

I have also been looking into foraging.  I know it sounds silly but I can’t help my earth child tendencies.  Besides, why buy things when I can get them for free.  Not always good for the environment, which is why I probably won’t start until early next year when I learn how do this without harming the plants. 

Recycling is big around here, but it’s not like we have curbside pick up.  I really am not sure where to begin but I plan on buying a recycling bin and doing from there.  I probably won’t recycle so much because we will be upcyling and I am even thinking about devoting a large portion of this blog, which I feel has been empty space to teach people how to do it themselves or to buy goods from me.  I may even do an exchange thing where people send me things to upcylce in exchange for upcycled goods.  It’s just a thought.

I love to cook, so eventually I would like to get to a point where I make nearly everything from scratch, buy my meat local and my coffee and other goods that I don’t grow.  That’s going to be awhile from now.  But it’s a nice goal.

I have also been gradually making changes to my lifestyle as far as my own health goes.  I may switch to baking with stevia, but right now I am focusing on staying away from soda.  I had one on Saturday, after not having my coffee and my stomach was none to happy with me, so I’d say that it is working.  my next plan is to change the snacks I eat at work.  The only problem with this is eating healthy cost more than eating unhealthy but I HAVE to overcome this hurdle.  We have a workout room at the apartment and that is a future step too.  Start on cardio and then on weights and slowly and it will be hard and heavy for probably about a year then I can work my way down to 30 minutes a day. 

That’s really all for now.  My life ranges between nothing going on but so much at the same time.  It’s insane….but I feel like I may finally be getting what I have been reaching for my entire life.  Freedom and happiness.  LOVE.  


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