Moving Forward

I have so many plans bursting inside of me.  Most pertaining to my own home, my creative side, and the need to have some place beautiful and a home for me and those closest to me.  We moved this weekend.  Tuesdays are my Mondays which make it rough, I’m exhausted.  But we are done with the moving part, now just for the unpacking before the fun part of fixing everything up.

I’m not ignoring you guys.  I will have to read from home, the internet here at work is protesting my reader on wordpress.  I might too if I were afraid of a little bit of hotness.  You ladies are all older than me and give me something to aspire to sexually.  I feel like a prude comparably and I know I am not.

I am unsure if I am keeping this space or moving on to a completely different one once I start on my upcycling adventure.  I want to be true to myself.  I am trying to figure out if maybe my sexual appetites should remain off of here or if I should openly be sex positive.  Here is the deal.  My life is not a secret to anyone.  My family are welcome to read this blog.  However, if I am doing tutorials on how to do something does it need to be more friendly to those who do not agree with my lifestyle choices?  It’s a lot of questions.  Ones I haven’t decided the answers to.

So as of this weekend David and I were no longer homeless.  He is out driving my care with a license and baby mama unexpectedly messaged out of the blue for him to take his son (more to it but the important part remains).  I am exhausted.  I would probably be hungry if I weren’t so tired.  I still have paperwork to mill over.  And mill I shall.


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