It comes as no surprise 

David’s baby mama (not me, the other one) is keeping their son from him once again.  I tell him all the time I don’t feel his lawyer looked out for his best interest in divorce, she used the fact that they were getting along at that moment to manipulate David into signing such an asinine agreement.  Basically they would work out parenting time.  Her father was dying at the time and we had him more than she did.  She then started using drugs and her son’s best interest was no longer her priority.  Some things went down I am not posting publicly because mini-beast doesn’t deserve it blasted out and she knows it’s fucked up, and David should have taken primary custody then.  Honestly, he probably still could, but like a good step mom, I’m told by society to stay out, it’s none of my business.

Until it is.  David found out he missed traffic court and his license was suspended.  So I am driving him everywhere he needs to go.  But it’s not just him, I have a 12 year old daughter, I have my pregnant self, I’m doing a lot of driving.  So I asked him to ask her to meet halfway.  It’s a 45 minute, one way trip, 3 hours every other weekend.  No place to stop and use bathrooms, so riding was tough enough.  It’s also in the middle of nowhere, it was scary riding there, my guess is if I were driving it would take a good 20 minutes longer.  I understand she doesn’t have a car (her own doing) but the baby’s father doesn’t have a license and it’s not my responsibility at all to get him.  Of course I am a horrible person in her eyes for this, but David gets it.  She lives with her brother, another brother of hers lives down the road.  She gets around wherever she wants to go. 

So that’s her very solid reasoning this time.  Last time it was because I wouldn’t wait in a parking lot up to an hour for her to graduate to pick up her son while David worked because she changed the visitation time.  Because my time means nothing to her, I’m just her ex husband’s slave or something.  She got angry when I vent asked to have her phone number and proceeded to treat me like shit and start shit between David and I. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad that I’m not dealing with her anymore, at least for now.  With the pregnancy, I just don’t need her drama and negativity.  I definitely don’t choose to have people in my life like that.  I do t have friends that do t work to have the best outcome for their children even if they dislike their exes.  My ex and I are best friends, I love his wife, and if we start to fight (there is definitely a reason we are exes) we just don’t talk anymore unless it’s about Hannah, and I think that it being about her has been twice and we worked it out.  As for his expectations of David, treat Hannah and I good.  That’s it. 

Anyway, it’s frustrating (it’s been a few days) but I haven’t even got to the most frustrating part.  David was in a job interview when she unblocked him on fb and started calling him on messenger, he let her know he was in an interview, and she said call him immediately after.  OK.  Well, he does and she doesn’t answer.  She’s now using the phone, and busy.  So we go on for a few minutes let her know the phone is dying (we went with him to eat where the interview was, as I have to drive him) she starts in on how it’s great he can afford to go on his kings island trip with his friends because one of them tagged him on fb.  We were supposed to have Logan, we actually had a really fun weekend planned he missed out on.  But she wants to complain about him going out with his friends?   We were going to drive this time knowing she needed advance notice not having a car and she said forget it even getting him.  Well she got angry and blocked his messages.  After he told her he wasn’t playing her games.   He has her completely blocked on fb now but called her mom’s home phone (where she lives) made sure they had the number and said this is how you can reach me.  We have no idea what she wanted.

But you know what….  I’m going to be a good step mom and stay out of UT like I’m supposed to.  I know without me pushing he won’t do what he needs to.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I’m tired.  Tired of her whims (she started in with how he didn’t want to come on our weekends but every time we asked he was excited).  I’m tired if spending 50 dollars extra in gas every other weekend to get him.  I’m tired of her mom butting in where it’s not her business.  I’m tired of watching a child who doesn’t listen to me because he has been taught he is a boy and can rule the house (not my house), I’m tired of spending extra money on plans for him when it’s never a given we will have him because of his mom’s whims (like his Halloween costume we have no idea what to do with).  The biggest thing I am tired of, and the rest of these I would deal with in a heartbeat is her non understanding and inflexibility pertaining to us but when she needs something always bending to her needs.  We missed a weekend because we had no food.  I sent Hannah to her dad’s to eat (same apartment complex) and we made do, we had no extra gas and still had to get around a week, and she threw that in our face, but he spent the whole summer with us (we just now started getting foodstamps) because she had stuff going on, while we both worked full time and tried to tell us where we could take him to the sitter at after they ran up the bill to his usual one and never paid.  Just screw them.  I’m done.  If David wants to do what he needs to do, I’m supportive but I’m not going to push him anymore.  It’s his son, he chose the mom, I certainly didn’t, it’s on him.  That being said, I want a court order in place because I am Not doing this again.  I can’t stop him from whatever, but I can refuse to drive.  I’m done for my health and the health of my unborn. 


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