What About Me

Some people think I am crazy for actually believing in my astrological sign, but it’s the only thing that has always fit me to a T.  I am a cancer, a crab.  All tough and hard on the outside to protect the very delicate softness on the inside.  My moods ebb with the tide, which is why my planet is the ever changing moon.  I cannot say anything solid about myself because I just change too much.  A chameleon to my circumstances, an ever changing, evolving being, never satisfied nor dissatisfied with



I don’t really like thinking of labels too much or fitting into a pretty neat box because there is no way my fat ass is getting in a box…and then back out.

I feel I’m pretty easy going about 85% of the time and wound so tight the other 15% of the time I  freak myself out.   I feel like I’ve lived a million years in my 33 three years on the planet.   My boyfriend and I have were homeless from October of 2016 until February of 2017.  We worked super hard to get out of that and for him to get his license back after a devastating crash that was not his fault but he didn’t have car insurance over a year ago.

I work at a cash advance place. As a CSR,  which is a pretty sweet job.   I like to be crafty,  read,  write,  and pretty much go on any adventure that presents itself to me.  My newest loves are figuring out this gardening thing and upcycling, which I am looking into possibly incorporating into this blog more.

I’ve been told I’m everyone’s mom.   I don’t have many friends but the one I have aren’t friends but family.   I have a rather large tribe.  I am a strong believer in it taking a community to raise a child and instead of talking shit about someone who is struggling, reaching a hand out.

I used to be in a large poly family,  now I am in a monogamous relationship.   You will find I speak a lot about disputes with his ex,  Co parenting with my ex’s,  who are definitely part of my tribe and all our collective children.

I talk very loudly and honestly about my own mental health issues and past abuse.   I suffer from PTSD,  Bipolar Disorder,  Anxiety,  and Dysthymia.   I want to help break the shame and stigma about mental health and just have people look at it as you would any incurable illness.   Treatment helps,  I go to therapy and am medicated but it’s not a one size fits all guarantee.

You may read about life in the kink community,  sex,  and who knows what other civil justice I am into.   I really loved Women’s Wednesdays and would like to get back to it sometime.  However, more than ever I think I may switch my focus into more recent things in the civil justice as we are fighting more now than we should be for basic rights after our recent administration has taken office.

I also want to open up and talk about crafting and hobbies.   I have so many plans for my new place.  I want to show the world how passionate about lessening my own footprint in our mother earth as she has been pretty good to me and I want her to be good for my great great great great grandchildren (or cats, you know, Hannah).

Mostly it’s just my life.


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