What a nasty little weekend. 

I got everything all settled in our budget, found a way to make everything work so we could get internet.  The lady lied and said I would get my equipment the next day.  I was set to have internet this weekend we have with Logan.  We’ll that was sort of disappointing thing one.  At the same time it was getting increasingly hot in the apartment.  I’m hormonal and typically keep the a/c down between 65 and 69.  I felt it trickling in first.  The heat.  By bed it was 80 degrees.  I reset the thermostat, bought new batteries.  We own no fans.  It’s been in the 90s all week.  It plans on dropping later this week.  Early the next morning, after opening 2.5 hours late I am informed they don’t have the part needed to fix my a/c but will on Monday (still nothing and it’s almost 2).  Luckily my tribe came through, we have 3 fans and it’s liveable until around 5 pm.  I sent Hannah to her dad’s but she’s stubborn and wouldn’t stay gone.  The fans cooled it down to where I was more comfortable having her there.  I felt bad having Logan, but he said he was fine.  It did cool down significantly.  Our oven us also broken but it’s OK, I’m not cooking anyway with no a/c.  I did inform them though.  Last but not least Logan’s mom’s mother has lost her damn mind.  That was…. Interesting.  I feel really bad for his mom.