Divided we Fall

I hate politics and how much they draw me in.  I hate how being a social justice warrior automatically makes me also into politics because they are so tightly wound together.  I hate it.  I hate that it intrigues me.  I hate that my hate isn’t really hate.  I really do hate how divided we are as a nation.  I am not being a moderate on the social justice issues.  I know exactly where I stand BUT I also see how much hate is coming from both sides and I feel like it’s being manufactured by the government to divide us so we are so busy fighting amongst ourselves we don’t see the things really going on. 

I wholeheartedly dislike our president.  I didn’t like him before, I honestly didn’t care for HRC though I voted for her, I was a Sanders girl through and through.  I voted for him too.  I thought I hate W Bush but man what I wouldn’t give to have him in office.  This ultimately really isn’t about 45 and his ability to keep his oral diarrhea at bay or his ability to have any Empathy for anyone not like him.  No, it about the same issues that the big corporations have been trying to pull this entire time.  They are trying to rob the middle class.  I am considered poor, being a college student it affects me only a tiny bit, the people this affects is the working Americans, the ones who buy supplies and deduct them at the end of the year.  The people who own homes that aren’t mansions.  They are trying to rob people who make ends meet, but barely.  I have a friend who is a teacher and just paid his student loans off.  He actually has worked for McDonald’s since he was 14 and still does in the summer and on weekend.  He would make more for McDonald’s than as a teacher.  He is one of the people affected most by this.  Not only would his debt from his loans and the interest of that not come back for this, his property taxes, as he obviously works very hard to own his own home are the same amount as a rich person in the same neighborhood with a larger lot and a house worth more.  He also can’t write off deductions for his classroom.  So, this person who works very hard, 6 days a week, went to college, did everything we aee told to do to get ahead is literally being kept down. 

The excuses these rich people make is “we work hard to be rich, we shouldn’t be penalized”.  Not everyone can have what you have.  You may have worked hard but don’t tell me luck had nothing to do with it.  I work very hard to be broke.  99% of us work hard and some of us can’t make the ends meet.  We can’t get it together.

They have been trying to get this through forever.  Usually we have more a grip on the real issues instead of fighting battles that don’t matter.  What good are we behind a keyboard?  I’m not saying don’t stand up when rights are violated, not to debate with your neighbor, just be sure to put it aside so you know when you both are getting fucked you can work together.  Republicans and Democrats alike are coming out saying how pressured they are feeling from people who back them financially.  We need to stand up to the people intimidating our services ate from making informed opinions.  Most of them have never come from humble beginnings.  They don’t know, but they do have a conscious and a heart to know right from wrong.