Little Change.

No, not little.  Been pretty broke because I quit my job.  I would regret this but….  it was so worth it.  The bonding time with Mara while actively searching for a new job was great.  I took a loss in pay, but found a good job for a small company.  They make wire harnesses for vehicles.  It’s relaxed, with relaxed hours.  I work 40 a week Monday -Friday between 630 and 5.  It is a workshop as opposed to a warehouse or factory, maybe 100 people work there.  They have good benefits, this nice.  David got a job.  They aren’t open yet, so he hasn’t started yet.  Basically the hit overall isn’t bad and we should have a bit extra.

I feel that lately I’ve made a lot of personal growth and feel myself morphing I to a new person.   My life has been low conflict at home and though I still hesitate due to past trauma, I know I can tell David anything and he will still love me.  And it’s not just love, we respect each other…and I trust David.  It took a long time to surrender to that, I have.


I’m just trying to find ways to experience life on a low income.  That’s who I am.  On my deathbed I want to be able to have experience and stories to share.  I want my great grandchildren to say “wow we lost a valuable source life advice and perspective”.  I want to experience all the good things and a splattering of bad.  Stories aren’t interesting without it.  Besides if my life were perfect I can tell you how it goes when things go right, but most the time it doesn’t go according to plan.  I want to be thought of kindly, but known to be the eccentric weirdo I am.  (It’s worse than I thought.)  I want to meet more friends so and have those close friends so I can share my deepest fears to and know that we empower each other to face the rain when it comes.

But I have to on a budget.