Sick and Pregnant and divorce papers. 

I have been feeling with the crud all week.  It’s pretty miserable.  I like to jokingly call it manflu because it’s rendered me incapable of anything until today and I’ve been semi capable today (forgive me my sexism towards me, there are plenty of capable sick men out there).  While sick I did complete (errr for now) 2 baby registries and my online page which will showcase all things baby.  But I had to cancel two appointments because it was fiscally and ethically responsible.  

Monday I had my initial appointment with my OBGYN. It is odd because it was all about me.  My sexual health.  Apparently everything came back good because I haven’t heard back, but I was supposed to go in for my initial ultrasound to get an official due date.  As of today if the hospital calculations are correct I am 13 week.  That’s right, I made it out of the first trimester.  I’m getting pretty excited.  I opted to get tested for all genetic disorders because we so little of his family medical history (he is adopted).  I also have a crap load of meds to pick up I still haven’t gotten.  New antidepressants if David feels I need them (not new new, just different) and my prenatals.  And I have been cleared to take my visit rally, which is nice. 
I have been working on this blasted divorce since late February.  Got it filed in early March.  Been back and forth with what the hell they want from us and finally think I have the correct damn papers.  We agree on everything.  Our kid is the only thing they may make us do the whole court thing about. We don’t need their stupid agreements.  She literally will be 13 where she gets to decide for herself anyway and we already let her.  We live in the same complex.  She sleeps here.  Does homework there.  Eats where she wants.  The rest just depends.  I pick her up from Spectrum on Thursdays and she has scouts with her dad on Tuesdays and sometimes goes to Jude’s scouts on Wednesdays and chills here usually in between.  She rarely sleeps at her Dad’s, it’s too much there for her.  He has 3 small children that adore her.  She may change her tune once the baby comes lol.  I just want it over with.