2016 was a Shit year

Last year was… Pretty shitty. 

I had written  a recap here up until June of 2016.   David and I started arguing,  I made him cry and realized that I was looking back.   Bad things happened between us but they didn’t break us,  they made us.   Why rematch my crappy year if it’s not cathartic for me?  Why life in the past…. Instead,  how about those highlights?

I started the new year sick,  which sucks but everyone was happy.   I rang the new year in with the person I truly feel is the love of my life.   We had Logan wish his mom a happy new year.   It was a good time. 

In February,  David and I celebrated our first Valentines together.   We went to see Deadpool. 

We got pretty into kink last year which was an awesome experience.   

We truly became a we.   We are super united.   

We actually were on our own for a week.  The parts minus the crazy roommates were pretty awesome. 

Loki and I nailed Coparenting. 

Lori signed the car over to me after Beast’s accident. 

I discovered a whole lot about myself and my own demons. 

I met the beautiful cousins’,  especially Jade. 

We had the best road trip to Wisconsin paid in full because it was a work trip.  

I am so in love right now,  with where I am going and who I am,  not even getting started with my tribe.